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Wall System MBI Insulation w/ SNS R-value MBI Insulation w/ SNS U-Values MBI Insulation R-Value Wall Zone Cavity Zone
Single Layer

R-20 U-0.142 R-10 3″
R-26 U-0.129 R-13 4″
Double Layer

R-38 U-0.076 R-19 3″ & 3″
Full Cavity

8″ Girts R-52 U-0.060 R-20 3″ 3″
R-58 U-0.048 R-29 3″ 6″
R-60+ U-0.041 R-32 4″ 6″
10″ Girt R-60+ U-0.43 R-35 3″ 8″
R-60+ U-0.036 R-38 4″ 8″

The estimated payback is 12 to 18 months, depending upon location and other factors such as windows, doors, stem walls, vent and others will also play a part as well.