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Home of the SNS Thermal Break Technology

Sealed “N” Safe developed a Thermal Spacer block designed to create a Thermal Break between the outer shell and the inner frames of the complete envelope of a metal building, minimizing the impact of Thermal Bridging.

Energy Efficient Systems

Sealed “N” Safe manufactures an energy efficient system that is both cost effective and easy to implement. Our systems are specifically designed to meet or exceed US Energy Codes (Ashrae & IECC) by using the SNS Thermal Spacer Block to minimize the impact of thermal bridging, which is where most of the energy is lost in a metal building. The combination of the SNS Thermal Block and typical Metal Building Insulation (MBI) creates a Continuous Insulation System for the complete envelope of the metal building. Ashrae definition of Continuous Insulation is:

A Continuous Insulation System must comprise of insulation that is uncompressed, and continuous across all structural members without thermal bridging other than fasteners and service openings.

  • -Proven to increase the energy performance of the installed fiberglass insulation by 50% and most screw-down applications by double or more.
  • -Designed for use with both Screw-down & Standing Seam Roof Systems.
  • -Designed for all wall applications.

Extensive Testing

Sealed “N” Safe products have undergone extensive testing by independent laboratories in accordance with AISI (American Iron & Steel Institute), ASTM (American Society of Testing Materials), and ICC (International Code Council) standard to verify and document their actual performance.

  • -The only Thermal Spacer in the world specifically designed for use with zee or cee purlins and/or girts.
  • -The specially designed foam has a closed cell content of 95%
  • -Exceeds the compressive strength from gravity loads one roof surfaces
  • -Meets AISI requirements for use of “stand-off screws”.
  • -Resists shear loads imposed in metal building roof and wall planes.
  • -Meets wind uplift requirements.
  • -Test conducted shows no water leakage or air infiltration and performs equal to a typical screw-down roof system.
  • -Meets ICC fire hazards due to exposed foams or plastics.
  • -Carries a Class A fire rating and flame spread.
  • -Tested to have a smoke index of less than 150