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Design your customer an Energy Efficient Metal Building.  Use thermal break technology by using SNS Thermal Spacers, it will save you money for years to come.

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Reason WHY……

  • -Reduces HVAC operating Costs by as much as half or even more
  • -Hot Box Tested with the Lowest “U” and “R” Values
  • -Structurally Sound, Water-tight,and Long Life Performance
  • -Quick Return on investment (12-18 months)
  • -Proven safe and effective, tested per AISI, ASTM, ICC, US Energy Codes and more.
  • -Complete information and Test Results available here.

Sealed N Safe Thermal Break Technology is designed for…..

  • -Architectural Panels
  • -Standing Seam Roofs
  • -Screw-down Roofs
  • -Wall Panels
  • -Complete Metal Building Envelop